Saptapadi na Saat Sur 14 Feb

Saptapadi Na Saat Sur

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Marriage songs of different communities of Gujarat
“To live life filled with joy is the real essence of living”
When does our lives convert into joyful living? When loneliness folds her wings, meeting fate of destiny towards a new life with other living being developing a relationship known as marriage. Many people believe that Marriage is a part of a system.
Country like india, where there is unity in diversity; here marriages are also diversified. Every race and society have different culture, and every caste has different rhymes/songs. For example if you talk about Lagn geet / marriage songs, there is mandvo, aavkar, utaaro, pokhna, vadhai, samaiya, gotrijo, pithi, suvani ni telvai, mena-tona, toran, fera, vidai, etc. Especially in Gujarat, where a caste belonging to art like mir, barot, charan, gadhvi, turi, bhavaya, nayak, targada, rabari, adivasi, jain, bhudev, thakor, darbar, have different style of lagn geet/marriage song. Muslim caste have different type of lagn geet/marriage song. In whole Gujarat lagn geet varies according to area. Caste with special art, rabari and aadivasi have totally different type of marriage song/lagn geet. There is diversity in marriage song/Lagn geet of north Gujarat, charotar, kutch, kathiyavad, vagad and dang. In every society’s marriage song/lagn geet either peacock or cuckoo are treated as muse. Few marriage songs are creative imagination between nature and trees, whereas in few far of places are used as correspondence. There are also marriage songs/lagn geet on delicious dishes, jewelleries or dresses.

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