Sadak kavi 23 Feb

Sadak Kavi

8:25 pm


Sadak Kavi – Poems & lyrical verses have been sung over hundreds of years in history of human mankind. These poems & verses presented us the history, lessons learnt, moral stories of the relevant eras. In the modern times too, poem became the most important tool of communicating the messages in the society. Whether it is the motivational poems by Harbolas reciting the Jhansi Ki Raani or be it the poems challenging the British empire or the poems challenging status quo of the society.

Sadak Kavi is an initiative of Anshul Mathur, which is effort to recite poems in public addressing the social issues rooted deep in the society. The concept, unique in its own nature, revolves around a poet who appears out of nowhere on roads or in public or at large gatherings starts reciting poems without making any public announcement.

The idea is to make people aware of the social issues & make them think & act on the same.

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