Remote Control Nukkad Naatak 16 Feb

Remote Control Nukkad Naatak

8:30 pm


The concept of Remote Control Nukkad Natak by Chhaap is an idea to upgrade the mass communication tool of street play to a higher level of crowd interaction. This concept of street theatre gives the audience a chance to be a part of the act and to weave the story ahead as per their way. The play, on various instances, provides the audience two different options to proceed with the story line, and every option makes the story unfold accordingly. The play is constructed in such a way that every alternative has a different scene or reaction to follow and also gives the viewers a chance to go back and choose the other alternative from the last situation to give them a better and a more involving experience as an audience, increasing their involvement in the performance by manifolds. With various variations in the situations and the flow of the play, this concept of Remote Control Nukkad Natak shall provide the viewers a one of a kind experience of street theatre.

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