Poemphony 15 Feb


8:10 pm


Poem + Symphony

Words and Music both have an immense power to penetrate hearts and to trigger a mélange of human  emotions. Normally words coalescing with music create a song or words with beats create a rap. Whereas, our idea is to explore the possibilities of merging Poetry as words with  Electronic Dance Music as the Sound  to create different moods.

Poetry and Electronic Dance Music both are unique art forms.  We (a budding Poet and an Electronic Dance Music Producer )are collaborating to merge these two    art forms while retaining their individual identities.

We are looking forward to experiment with spoken word Poetry and electronic beats and melodies to create a piece which touches a range of human emotions. It will be a narration of poems with                  electronic music blending in enhancing the overall mood depicted by the poems.

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8:10 pm