Pankhiyo no melo 19 Feb

Pankhiyo No Melo

9:00 pm


Gujarati Dayro addressing environmental issue

Keeping in line with ‘Daayro format’, using abhivyakti’s stage and performing these natural acts gives a feeling of joy. In the rush of modern mind-set, selfish human beings have been ignoring fundamental values of Mother Nature.
‘Brother adds up one rupee in this selfish world
how can sparrow built her own nest?’
Modern houses are such that birds can’t chirp nor can she sit anywhere near the house. . Forest area reduced because of deforestation. Mobile waves became enemy of birds and hence its existence became endangered. The whole sky becomes alive with the flight of one bird. Bird is inspiration of many people. You cannot imagine life without birds.
Birds are helpful in cultivation, various precious trees are raised with help of birds. Without birds, trees won’t be there.

The nature’s sensation should be preserved with ‘chakli bachavo’ (Save sparrow). To make the voice of birds chirping in this universe, I feel grateful to glamorous Abhivyakti.

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