Garvo Girnar

Garvo Girnar

7:00 pm

Samutkarsh Academy of Yog, Music and Holistic Living

Girnar stands high by the persistence of culture, history, faith and devotion. And we Gujaratis call it, ‘Garvo Girnar’.

Girnar is the highest mountain peak of the state of Gujarat. It is located in Junagadh , a town in the Saurashtra region of Gujarat. Garvo Girnar stands as a symbol and amalgamation of various relegious sects like Jainism , Shaivism , the Shakti cult and the Guru Duttatreya Bhagwaan . The ‘Garvo Girnar’ performance will show case the stories and narratives of various peaks of this religious mountain , through the medium of Bharatnatyam and folk dance of Gujarat.

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