Panel Discussion on Music – Moderated by Akash Bhatt

3:30 pm

KCG Indoor Classroom

Emergence of Social Media, its use, its effect on the local music industry

“Since not more than a decade ago, use of internet has become intensive due to emergence of social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram etc. On one hand, YouTube has suddenly changed and/or set new trends in the market of selling entertainment, and on the other hand social media has/is highly influencing these trends. As a matter of fact, due to the easy affordability of smart phones and its different features, It has become so easy for any one to record a video – be it someone singing, playing an instrument or attending a concert etc., and make it reach thousands of people easily¬†(and almost free of cost).

This has definitely influenced how music reaches to the audiences, musicians and other related agencies as well as the quality and/or typology of music. This makes it not only interesting, but necessary to discuss and analyse these issues among all related to this industry – from musicians to producers/organizers to the critics to the social media experts to layman consuming the art-form. We have accordingly invited different experts/musicians of Ahmedabad to have a wonderful panel discussion on his topic. “